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Is your iPhone spying on you (again)?
Drive to Expand Australian Cyber Spy Powers
Lawyers potential rich targets for hackers

Drive to Expand Australian Cyber Spy Powers

By Warwick AndersenRob Pulham and Georgia Mills

Australia’s military cyber spy agency, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), could soon be receiving radical new espionage powers to monitor Australian citizens for the first time. If approved, the ASD may be able to secretly access the digital information of Australians including emails, health data, bank records, and text messages.

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Lawyers potential rich targets for hackers

By Cameron Abbott and Rebecca Murray

As the threat of cybercrime and cyber espionage continues to grow globally, the Law Council of Australia has announced that it will launch a national cyber security information campaign for the legal profession this year. Read the Law Council’s media release here.

The Law Council has been working in partnership with the legal profession, cyber security experts, and government to formulate the information initiative since it nominated cyber security as a key priority at the beginning of the year. Launch of the campaign is expected by the end of 2016.

The president of the Law Council, Stuart Clark, says cyber security is a ‘major problem’ for law firms and the government has an important role to play in raising awareness and providing information about the technology involved. We say, we like teasing large global companies about their security failings … as long as it’s not ours!!

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